Fear Not!

This little guy of mine is getting more and more mobile. Today after work we were spending some time together playing in the living room. Well, he decided to get up on to his feet with the assistance of the ottoman and so I just stood back watching him. Well as he was standing he walks along side the ottoman until he gets to the outer edge, I warn him that he needs to be careful but still leave him be. At this point he looks like he is considering his options when all of a sudden he throws himself face first down to the floor, I let out a loud scream and grab for him. He falls belly first and then laughing looks up at me.  Looking at me as if he would have liked to say... "look at what I did mama!"  I guess I can't underestimate this little dude.

Here he is in his daddy's arms. So at peace.

Ok so I am going to include some photos of my sister that I took on Sunday.

Isn't she cute?