I probably don't have to say more.... but boy it was hard getting going this morning. Perhaps it was because I had gone to bed at 1 am and was up at 6 am??? NO that couldn't be it. hehe. Without a laptop of my own and having to wait to get to use my husband's I am not getting my projects done until very late. So here it is another late evening Seth is down and I am finally allowed some precious time on this technology I've taken for granted for so long.

I am looking forward to when I get my new laptop (May time frame) I will never take this technology for granted again. In the mean time I am looking forward to the day Chris will bring me home a borrowed laptop from his dear boss...;)

Today was a hard day at a new office and always the first day in an office is hard. This one was especially so because this office is very understaffed. Just one dentist and one assistant... no front office staff. I literally walk in, nobody to greet me and had to go into the back of the office to find someone. Getting used to a new place and new routine especially one like toady's is difficult to say the least. But hey I managed and a plus I got paid right at the end of the day since it's the last day of the month and all. Very happy about that.

Seth has been so good, this will be night 4 of our Sleep Training and so far he has slept every night through. I have not had to wake up for him and I pray that this will continue on just as it has up until now.
One month into my project 365 and I am so glad I've been able to keep it up in fact the only challenge I've had is that I'm needing some new direction or new technique just to spice up my photos. Ahh... I really wish I could take a photography class right now... hoping for one this spring I think it would be so much fun.
Ok enough of my random thoughts goodnight all.
me and the little man

Seth's very favorite snack... he loves this stuff.