What did I ever talk about before Seth came along? I can't even remember.  I feel like he has completely taken over my world. I love it. Today one of my co-workers asked to see photos of him so I gladly showed her not only photos but videos and watching them with her during lunch made me long to be with him at home. As I was turning my phone off I got a call and silly me I picked it up, it was the staffing agency and they wanted me to work Thursday my 4th day this week. Of course I said yes (they have a habit of not calling you once you say no) but I did so grudgingly. I very much didn't want to work Thursday too. I had always said that no way would I work more than 3 days a week, but since my mom has Thursday off I knew I could.

So for the next couple of hours I am beating myself up about the fact that I said yes and why did I even pick up that call. I should never pick up a call from a number I don't recognize but then I thought it was local and it might be important. It just never is that important. he he. Well I have to say how relieved I was when that number called me again and they cancelled my Thursday. I was over the moon. Because now I am free to have all 4 days with Seth. Yay!

That teaches me an important lesson. Let the phone ring and listen to voicemail to save myself the stress. I am looking forward to finding a permanent part-time position so that I don't have to deal with this unknown anymore. So if anyone knows of a Portland area dental hygiene part-time position (not already listed on craigslist or in the paper) I'm a great hygienist... ;)

a quick photo of my little man getting a sweet kiss from his daddy.