Had another one of those amazing 10 hour days in the dental office! I missed Seth like crazy today especially since today he had his 9 month well check with his Pediatrician. Chris was able to leave work early and take him to the appointment. I always love hearing his stats. So here they are:
Weight: 19.5 pounds = 30% for weight
Height 29.9 inches = 80 % for height
Head circumference: 44.6 centimeters = 25%
Ok so this surprises me because I  think he is a bit chunky so I very much expected them to say that he is at least 50% for weight. But I am happy he is  more tall than round ! :) Chris said that Seth remembered his last well ck visit and as soon as Chris placed him on the paper covered bench Seth started reaching for Chris and being anxious. Then when they came to do his vaccine he was ok till the needle penetrated his leg, at that point he started crying mama, mama, mama! Ah... even thinking about it makes me shudder at the thought that I should have been there.

That's what sucks about working... even part-time work takes me away from important moments in my son's life and it bums me out. Although, on the other hand I got home tonight at 6 pm and he was napping. When he awoke he looked straight at me (he was in the swing in the family room) and just beamed, he gave me such a radiant smile and I was touched beyond words. I picked him up immediately and just kissed him silly, he was giggling uncontrollably as we were rolling all over the family-room floor. We had an awesome evening and I took some quick photos of him.

I truly love being a mom and I'm realizing as he is growing that it's getting more fun everyday. Had a thought tonight that I never though I would think at least not for a long time... I think a second baby could be in my near future, at least sooner than I thought I would be willing to entertain this type of thought. :p
 I think Seth needs to have a brother or a sister that is close in age to him. My brother who is only one year younger then me is one of my closest friends ever and he is the greatest and I just can't imagine not having had him in my life. I am sure it was crazy hard for my mom but it is so worth it now. Ok that was just a crazy thought. Only God knows the future, but I can do my part. ;)

 Last rambling for the evening... I got back on my elliptical tonight, and to make the time pass more quickly I watched a new show on abc called On The Map (I had taped it from Thursday evening). To say I loved it is putting it mildly. I have been so appalled by a lot of tv shows that are now airing on regular channels that this show is a breath of fresh air. Not only is it well acted but the cinematography is exquisite and the landscape is filled with scene after scene that looks like it is straight out of a postcard. My workout passed so quickly I couldn't even believe how much I was sweating because I wasn't watching the clock tick by with every second.  I found myself laughing and crying and just really feeling a lot of different emotions throughout the show. I am looking forward to seeing more.

Goodnight!  Tomorrow is another full 10 hour day. This will be my last full week of this type of schedule. Looking forward to a little break.

Photos of Seth from today:

definitely not an acceptable baby toy. now that he's crawling he's getting his hands on everything that is a no-no.