As of yesterday which as it turns out was his 9 month birthday our little guy is crawling. He made his first moves last night and has been unstoppable since. Carpet, hardwoods you name it, he can crawl on it.

Crawling- is not quite a good description for what he is doing. It looks more like a soldier in the brush or in a trench just scooting... his belly on the floor pushing off with his knees and pulling forward with his hands.
It's adorable I just love watching him at it.

Now that he is so mobile though I have to constantly have my eye on him because otherwise he finds some way to get himself into mischief. It's so stinking cute even when I say no he just looks up at me and smiles and sometimes even giggles. So I ended up giggling along-side.

I am including this other cute video I took of him, ok keep in mind he is tired and hungry and still so stinking adorable as he calls out mama, mama, mama!

Couple of Seth photos from today!

I'm loving learning to edit... YouTube is a huge help.