Last day of work for the week and now it's time to rest up because I have 4 days of play time with Seth.

 He has started teething as of last night. I can see 2 tooth buds now and he has been having an elevated temperature as well as a little pain. He is such a trooper totally takes after his dad with that. He is not very cranky a little unhappy at times and when he is trying to sleep he just hums himself to sleep. He has never done this before and I can tell he is trying to sooth himself. I love him so much and I have missed him terribly so. I want to add that I am so thankful for my mom and brother who have been watching Seth while I have been working this last month.

Today I called home after I finished at work and my husband had already gotten home. I could hear Seth crying in the background and I asked why and was told that Seth was just grumpy. So Chris puts me on speaker and put the phone near Seth, I then started talking to Seth and telling him I love him and miss him and I will see him soon. He immediately stopped crying and Chris tells me that he was smiling from ear to ear and just became instantly happy. That melted my heart, knowing that I have that kind of effect on someone is indescribably beautiful to me.

I love him and as I am writing he is rolling around in his walker he dropped his rattle and it is in the undercarriage of his walker he can hear it rattle but can not see it so he just keeps backing up and going forward and is looking every which way for it. It's too adorable. Ok one last thing from our evening together. So we are sitting on the couch watching a sitcom, he is ready for sleep and he always gets kinda silly before he wants a nap; so I can't even remember the funny thing that takes place on TV and I start laughing out loud, he glances at me and just bursts into laughter. I hear him and start laughing even louder which has the same effect on him. So we are both laying there looking at each other and just laughing great big belly laughs. It was awesome, I won't forget moments like these that's for sure. I look forward to many more.

blogging about his teething experience ;)