Blog time

Sitting here on my day off... at 3 pm in the afternoon, my little one is sleeping soundly and I just finally had my lunch... Yeah I started the day out at 7 am because that is when my little munchkin awoke. We ended up taking a nap together at 9 am and he is back at it again, while I am on the Internet checking out everyone's blogs and working on my own. It's really the only time to do this because when he is awake it's just impossible to focus on anything other than him for more than 5 minutes at a time. :)
He is getting close to his 9 month birthday and he has advanced so much from just a couple of months ago it's crazy... more later he just woke up...

Ha Ha... it is 8 minutes to 10 PM and I'm just now finishing my blog that I started 7 hours ago. That's the way things go around here. ;) I was saying, Seth woke up and we (my brother and I) decided to take a walk to the nearest Starbucks because we needed some liquid courage before we were going to do our P90X exercises DVD. When we finally got back it took us 30 minutes to get up and actually exercises.

Oh my gosh... I am glad I did it but I have to say that my muscles are literally trembling or it feels like they are constantly in mid-seizure. I am curious how the next two days are gonna go??? I have been so lazy about working out even though I had resolved to be better about exercises in the new year..  But no more. I finally took down our Christmas tree from the family room where my elliptical machine would have been and had my husband and brother bring that in. I am committing myself to get in shape the right way... not with any crazy diets (although food is being taken into account and changes are being made) but with good old heart healthy exercises. Yeah for sweat! I have to add while we were doing our exercises in the family room Seth was in his little walker watching us and smiling... it was too cute, he was entertained.

Now it's late and Seth went to stay with grandma so that mommy and daddy can get some sleep tonight. I have to work early tomorrow and when that happens my mom has offered that Seth can spend the night since she's his babysitter anyway. I love her, she is such a blessing and life saver in so many ways. I don't know what I would do without her.