Another One Bites the Dust!

  • Another week down and I believe... only one more to go in my 3/10 hour work week. I have been enjoying the constant work and really enjoying working with nice people a lot but I am missing my time with Seth a lot. It's so hard to be 100% for him after such long days...

  • On to another subject... the workout from yesterday was amazing I am in tremendous pain today ;). I feel happy about that, it's really the only kinda pain I don't mind... but I do still whine about it.

  • After my long day today I got to have a really great conversation with one of my closest friends that I haven't talked with in a while in fact not since Christmas time which happens to be her b-day. It was great to catch up and we set a date for when Chris, Seth and I are going down to visit her and her hubby and we get to see her new house which we haven't seen so far. I am so excited. I hope maybe we will get to see some snow too.

  • On to snow... Seth will be celebrating his 9 months on this earth on Saturday so I have been playing around with the idea of heading up to the mountain to play in the snow do some photography and get some hot chocolate and comfort food from the lodge restaurant... I think that sounds like a fun thing to do. I hope we make it happen.

Here are some photos from tonight after I got home from work:

sporting some baby cleavage... ;)

baby soft skin... I'm jealous

can you say BORED!


I'm thinking of a finger... can you tell which one???