Dog Grooming Day

My dogs have been in desperate need for a grooming appointment for quite some time now. Yesterday I finally called Petsmart and made an appt. which ended up being same day. That was nice!   Grooming both of them costs so much we only do it 3 times a year and sometimes during the warmer months we take care of it on our own. But our equipment sucks and it takes 2x the time it would take professionals, so needles to say we cough up 100$ for both of them each time we want to get them groomed. If anyone else has a less expensive grooming salon.. I'm interested.
Here are photos of before and after!

Part of me loved the way Sony our Yorkie/Pom mix (honey colored dog)  looked before but trust me he was dirty and did not smell all that good either. I was very impressed with the job they did at the salon and the dogs look so good and smell so good... I actually picked them up and played with them in my lap... which I haven't done in a while. They were like.... enough already!

On to today:

Now I have to wake up Seth and get him dressed, it is his 9 month b-day and we are off to the mountain, although it's a yucky day outside. I'm a little nervous almost wanting to change my mind. But I think we're gonna stick to our plans. What will be will be!