Good News!

I got a call half way through my work day today... I decided to take it as I had just finished with my patient and was waiting for the Dr. to come in and finish up the exam. Today I was filling in for a friend at her office. It was my all time favorite office calling.

Here's a little back-story... I am a dental hygienist who got laid -off when I was 7 mos pregnant and have not been able to find a job that fits my needs since I returned to the work force in July 2010. I have however been working part-time with a temp agency since that time.

Well there is this one specific office that keeps calling me back (every time there is someone sick or on vacation) that I have totally fallen in love working for. In fact I find myself thinking of how I would be so thrilled if they could make room for me as a part-time dh. They already have 3 hygienists working for them 2 are full time Monday-Thursday and one is part-time on Fridays.  So I know that there are plenty hygienists there but they all still need to go on vacation and sometimes things come up so that's where I come in.

There are many reasons I feel so strongly about this office. I have never found another office that matches this one in every way. Their attention to detail is astounding, and they care more for their patients then their pockets which says a lot in an economical time such as this. On top of the Doctors being outstanding their staff, from office managers to each assistant and dental hygienist alike they are the sweetest people ever. They never fail to make me feel like I am so important to them and that they trully care for me.

OK continuing on to the call I received today. It was from the office manager, she wanted to tell me that the doctors had talked and they want to buy out my contract from the temp agency I am with. From what I understand they want me to be their full time fill in hygienist and are going to give me all the vacations and sick days plus one Friday a month, for now. This is exciting. First of all I feel so honored that this office likes me that much that they are willing to buy out my contract. I've never had that happen before ( I am referring to the contract part not the being liked part). :) I like them very much too as I'm sure you can tell by this post. I am only interested in 1-2 maybe 3 days of work a week so this is helping me meet that goal.

Since my first dental office where I worked for 10 total years (including the part-time years) I've decided that I will only commit myself to outstanding offices. I had a short stint with an office before Seth was born, where I did not feel the same way I feel about this office and therefore I couldn't commit to them and the layoff was actually a blessing, as I would not have returned to the office after my maternity leave.

I am so grateful to God for this blessing and I am excited for what 2011 has in store for my dental hygiene career. Just wanted to blog about this as I am over the moon happy with the turn of events.