Seattle and Jasmine!

So we got to take a short trip up to Seattle this last weekend. I needed to attend a Cookie Lee event on Saturday morning therefore it was the perfect opportunity to visit our family up there, which includes my brother-in-law, his wife and their two kids.

I was looking forward to Seth spending some quality time with other kids and especially with his cousins which he rarely sees.  We went up Friday evening and returned Sunday evening. Had a wonderful weekend full of activity after activity. Seth really enjoyed himself so much that he just wouldn't want to go down for a nap, he couldn't get enough of playing with his cousins and their toys.

One thing I got to do was take some great photos of my niece Jasmine. Saturday afternoon ended up having a few minutes of sunshine and we went out on their wonderfully renovated deck and had a quick photo opp. It was freezing to say the least but Jasmine is such a doll and she really enjoyed being in the pictures.
I am including a few of them. I will share later about the amazing experience we had at a restaurant in Seattle where we had the best Italian food we have ever had in the US.


Saturday evening we did a little walking through downtown Kirkland. We were looking for some dessert and coffee. We had such a great time, it was a clear but very chilly night. The kids loved it.

Benjamin, Jasmine and Seth

The following are some shots of different things that caught my eye as we were walking around town.

glass gallery