As Good as New!

So I had decided that this winter I would invest in a new pair of boots. I love the skinny jean with boots look. So after lots of looking last December I had found my pair at Nordstroms. They are gorgeous, the heal is a good size and they are grey in color -love it. I'm including a photo because... well that way you have the complete image. 

So after a month and a half of wearing them at least 2-3 times a week, there were a few very visible scuff marks on them. On the back heal of the right boot the leather had worn away so much that it was actually white. I'm not sure of what the process is for dying leather but never thought grey leather would turn white.

Anyway I've been debating about what to do regarding this... do I take them in for repair? Do I just use some dark cream and hope for the best? No clue! and 3 weeks later I still hadn't done anything about it. Until this Saturday while in Seattle on a shopping trip with my sis-in-law - we were in Nordstrom and I was checking out the brown version of my boots and trying them on...  The sales lady informs me that they have a great shoe shinning area that could really help my boots out. After inquiring about pricing and finding out that it was only 3$, I decide to go for it.

My first shoe shinning experience.. oh my gosh. I loved it. The guy who helped me was so cool and nice and made me feel very important. Always a good thing! :)  After asking permission to take photos and blog about this experience he really put on a show for me. It took him a good 15 minutes for both boots and he used 2 different brushes and 2 different rags to get an amazing shine to my boots. The area where the shoe shinning gets done is inset a little bit and high up in these plush chairs. It kind of reminded me of all the classic movies I had seen in the past where they had a scene about shoe shinning.

I have to tell you my boots look like new... no, better than new, they have no marks on them whatsoever and they have just the slightest shine to them and are a shade darker than when I got them which makes them a nice dark dove gray. Definitely recommend the shoe shining dept. at Nordstrom. Even though the Seahawks game was on the TV in his little kiosk he didn't rush the job at all took his time and really did a great job.

I love amazing customer service and reward it accordingly... that's with $$$ not blogging. haha