New Things!

I've realized that I am a person who truly embraces change. I get bored very easily and therefore I look forward to changing things around me, and my blog design is not exempt from this. That is why I am going to warn you ahead of time... I will be messing around with my blog. For now the new thing is my signature.  I won't be changing big things but a little bit here and there just for fun.

I am excited about the new project I've started, Project 365. Taking a photo a day (which shouldn't be hard as I end up taking tons of photographs every day it seems) throughout the year. I am looking forward to looking back (if I can phrase it that way) on all the photographs from this year.

Haha now I just realized that it is 1:15 am and I had very little sleep last night and I am still up the 2nd day now. I am crazy I can't blame this one on Seth. Poor little guy! I think his mommy will be using the Seth card for the rest of his life. :)

I am also looking forward to the new Cookie Lee catalog and the jewelry I will be ordering soon. I got the new catalog today and the new line they have come up for the Spring/Summer catalog is gorgeous. I get to go see it and try it on in person this Saturday and then I'm going to make my selection. If any of you ladies are interested in Cookie Lee give me a heads up I'd love to be your consultant.