Family and Photography

Since I got my new camera I've been just waiting for a day when the weather was clear and I had Chris home too... I've been wanting some photos of the three of us... well that day finaly arived this last Sunday.
It was clear but cold and after a quick lunch at my parents house we went to downtown for coffee and a quick photo shoot.

Sunday 1.2.10 photo shoot

part 1- the lunch at my parents house

--some of the yummy food we got to enjoy at the grandparents house.. ck out the steam rising off of the potatoes.

 the table set up all pretty...

 --grandma surprised Seth with a second walker for her house, since he loves the walker we got at our house so much. What do you think... does it look like he likes it?

grandma and grandpa such a great looking pair... we love them very much.

Grandma and Seth... such a cute pic of them.
Cosmin trying his cap on Seth...
In this one Chris was giving Seth some of grandma's home made ckn noodle soup... yummy. He loved it.
Love this one it so vibrant...

following 4 photos taken by Chris:

oh my goodness you should have seen how much he liked the chap-stick... it was too cute.

Ok so this is funny... I was tired of getting Seth to look right into the camera so I close my eyes and give up... what does he do right then...

ok one of my favorite photos... Chris feeding Seth and Seth watching him... ahhh... I love them so much.

part 2. this is in the Pearl District at a Cafe. We had a wonderful time together.

The following 6 photos were taken by my husband Chris.

The next two photos have different effects applied to them in editing... couldn't decide which one I like more they both have something I like about them. But I love the action shots over all. Seth trying to get his hat off and me trying to keep it on. Constant battle already.  :)

So cold outside I'm actually blowing out air to warm my lips... hehe they were frozen.
These two were taken by Cosmin...

Not sure why but most of the photos my bro took of the three of us were extremly blury (probably because he was trying to get Seth to look at the camera and so he was moving the camera while shooting). ;)
Oh well we got one or two shots. More than we had before.

ok the following photos I took of my brother and sister... they are two goofy people and so  much fun to photograph. Can't wait for summer.