Ringing in 2011!

We had a wonderful day out and about on New Years eve and then came home for some rest before heading out again. We spent our evening with family. Always a good place to be. After a short visit with the grandparents on mommy's side we headed to the home of daddy's oldest sister and her family. Here all of daddy's siblings and their growing families gathered for food and laughter and a bit of photography.

My sister in law is a huge fan of photography and has a great camera with really amazing lenses. Between the two of us we took loads of photos but due to the lighting situation and neither one of us really wanting to use flash. They aren't the greatest photos of all time.

I'm only including a few here, some have been excessively edited. hehe... can you tell it's my first day using Lightroom.. I'm not a pro at this just getting my toes wet as they say. But I'm lovin' every minute of it.

Macro lens set on Manual Focus... messing around a bit figuring out the ins and outs... so much fun. I got a lot of smack from bros-in-law about this... haha.

Chris' reflection in the globe. Took me forever to get this so that his shoulder was in the picture as well.

Carmen and Chris
I love using the Macro lens  (in this photo) Chris is in focus yet all though Carmen is just slightly to the side of him she is out of focus.When I really look at it I almost feel like it's a 3-d type image. I love this Lens.
 from here on down these photos are taken with the canon kit lens
Luci and Seth

Chris Seth and Grandpa C

Seth si Bunicu

his favorite activity.... I need me a massage, my back aches. :)