SLR Obsession!

I've been doing a lot of reading about SLRs lately and it's really the one topic my mind doesn't seem to be able to let go of. I don't know how come???
Anyway since I don't currently own one of these cameras I was able to borrow one from my sis-in-law Carmen, who is a very generous person. She is trusting me with a very expensive camera and let's just say 5 very spendy lenses. Thank you Carmen.
So until I get to own my own SLR she is graciously allowing me to play around with her camera. Yeah!

Today my parents and sister returned from a trip to Mexico and I was able to capture their reunion with Seth on camera.

Here we go:

Seth (my first slr photo had to be included) prior to reunion!

grandpa and his favorite grandson

grandpa's all smiles

auntie DeeJay Seth missed her a lot

another grandpa and Seth photo.
grandma could not wait to get her hands on this little guy
squeezing the life out of Seth...

playing with the crazy toy grandpa got. Seth loves that thing but it smells like petroleum...

thinking about it....

doing it!

my brother...

did you say TREAT...

Sunny: I smell chicken jerky on your breath...
Yoda: no... it's on your breath!

hurry up and give us those treats you promised momma!