Seth's First Visit with Santa

Aww... is this little guy for real....  Today we went to visit Santa at Macy's Santa Land on Holiday Lane.. Of course this close to Christmas there were lot's of people at the mall, it was impossible not to run into people, literally. We got bumped and pushed and shoved all over the place and we did some of it ourselves almost running someone over with the stroller, but everyone was so nice about it, such a good attitude over almost being mowed down by a large stroller.

Anyhow, we were anticipating a very long line to Santa's lap so we stopped for lunch before hand. Once we made it to Santa land there were only 3 families in line so it went by quickly. That was such a nice surprise. I have been waiting for the opportunity to do this with Chris because of course I wanted us to experience it together as a family but also because I needed the help.

It turned out just perfect. Seth was in a very mellow mood just really enthralled by all the sights and sounds surrounding him. When I actually seated him on Santa's lap he was just taking it all in. He took a few photos and then we were done. When I went to get him, Santa says to me "you got a good one". I smiled and agreed with him.

That was it? It was a little bit too easy from all the horror stories I've heard. Thank God! One year down many more to go. :) Of course down the Holiday lane we ended up coughing up 50$ for 3 prints and the CD with the photos and video. What can you do? We should have probably shopped around but it is what it is. I had to have Seth have this experience.

I am going to share the photos with everyone because they are too cute not to share. I am not charging anything ;).

I think this one is so cute.... Seth is checking out Santa... he decided he was ok.