Happy 8-month b-day baby boy!

My sweet little guy turned 8 mos yesterday and I have to share a few photos of him all tired and playful. I really think these are my favorite moments oh and the mornings when he is so talkative.
trying to grab the camera from momma
contemplating his next move
someone is tickling him mercilessly! I wonder who that could be... :)

Seth just fell asleep and is happily swinging away into dream land while I'm surfing the net. The fireplace is crackling and Nat King Cole is crooning away about Peace on Earth! Wonderful morning off from work!

I am so blessed and I really need to focus on this truth more often.
  1. I am grateful for a healthy happy child and a husband who loves and supports me.
  2. I am very grateful for all my dear family and look forward to the fun holiday festivities ahead of us.
  3. I am grateful for my dear friends with whom I've shared many fun memories through the years, and for the new friends I've made throughout the last year. I pray God blesses all of them with all that they need at all times.
  4. I am excited for the new adventures ahead as a new mom, experiencing all of my son's firsts. Looking forward to his first steps he will be taking on his own. He loves to go walking around the house but of course he can't do it by himself yet.
  5. I have absolutely loved going shopping for a few gifts for him. I have only gotten him toys because he has many clothes but very few toys so our tree is surrounded by boxes wrapped up for Seth. I am looking forward to Christmas morning and sharing that with him.

I want to really put an effort into setting some traditions for our family to share every year. This year I invited my family over on Sunday December 12th, (we had gone out and bought our fresh cut tree in the morning) by the time they came over the food and dessert was ready and we all gathered in the family room to enjoy a great time with each other while a few of us worked on decorating the tree. Of course Seth was very well entertained and passed from person to person because everyone had to have a little bit of Seth. My hope is that we will be able to repeat this tradition every year. We all had such a blast and once everyone else headed home Seth laid down for a very long and well deserved nap.

I don't know what I ever talked about before I had Seth but he has totally taken over my life, my conversations and activities are most of the time baby oriented. I don't think I ever understood how addictive babies were until I had my own. It's absolutely wonderful and very fulfilling.

Some photos from around the house:

our little family room tree decorated by the whole family.

next year I hope to have these embroidered with our names

Seth swinging away as he naps.