Cookie Lee Consultant

I have become a Cookie Lee Fashion Jewelry Consultant!!!
 I'm so nervous! My first party is going to be this coming Tuesday the 14th of December. Agh!  You may ask how this came about. Well it all started with another hygiene friend who became a jewelry consultant and who also has a full time job. This got me thinking about how I don’t have a job and my search has not been going very well. I thought to myself why not try this route as a side job even if I do find a hygiene job one of these days. J
I have a very good friend who has been doing this for 1.5 years and is doing really well with it. She has encouraged me that I would be really good at this.  So after discussing the idea with my very supportive husband and getting his green light, I did some research on the different jewelry companies out there. There are some different options and styles and price ranges and because of most of these reasons I decided to choose Cookie Lee. They carry gorgeous jewelry, they are very fashion forward and they maintain very reasonable prices. Plus they cater to all ages; they have some awesome pieces for young kids as well, which would make great Christmas gifts (wink, wink).

Photos of a few pieces that will be at my party and you could take home with you that night!

After I completed my research I called my Cookie Lee consultant friend and scheduled a meeting. She was such a huge help and after all the information she provided me with I knew my choice for Cookie Lee was the right one for me. I have one dilemma with this business endeavor: networking!  In this business you almost always have to start with your friends and family and hope that they are willing to help you out. You need to be able to meet their friends and extend into their network of friends and family. Otherwise my business would end pretty quickly if I only involved my friends and family. The other problem I am facing is that most of my family and friends are not that much into jewelry. But with the help of Facebook I was able to invite people that are in my extended network and I am looking forward to seeing who will show up to my first party. I will definitely post photos and a report on how it all went!
P.S.  If you are interested in Cookie Lee jewelry contact me here on my blog, I would love to help you out. J