long days at work make me miss this little face so much...

This week I've been working more than the usual for me and I missed Seth like crazy... tonight I got off work and went and picked up my little man from my mom's house and what did I get... a tired little guy, ready for his evening nap.
He was acting a little funny though so I had to snap some shots of him before I put him down for a nap.
He is so adorable and lovable, he really loves his binky and no matter how much I try to get him to like another type he won't... I guess I can call that "loyalty" hehe. His dad is proud of him for it. Here's some photos from today.

So after a long nap he wakes up with an elevated temperature and high spirits... He has a temp of 100.2 which for babies it is within the normal range but just barely. He feels very hot all over and it's the first time in his 8.5 mos that he has had such a high temperature...that I know of anyway.
I am praying that it doesn't get any worse but he has been doing some coughing and sneezing so I'm wondering if he caught a bug from somewhere.
 More photos from after the nap, he was on the move. He's now scooting around but backwards only he has the getting on all fours and rocking back and forth down but he has yet to move his hands and knees forward into a crawl. I'm ok with him taking his time I know once he's mobile he'll be getting into anything and everything.

he has become a drool monster, it's all the time, everywhere, non-stop... I wonder when it will stop? none of his outfits stay dry for very long. :)