Fun times with family and friends at the Holidays

I've been wondering how to somehow post some of my photos from the last week on here is a more concise way. Picasa photo collage creator was the way I went. It's easy to use and fun. Hope you enjoy.
Happy Holidays!

Seth and his new cars -- I love how expressive he is in these photos... You can really see how he feels about whatever he is doing at the moment. It's interesting because he is only 8 mos old and I wouldn't think that kids are this expressive this early, but they are.
He is so much fun to be around. Although I have to confess that I'm having a hard time keeping up with him. I've noticed lately that he is getting bored very easily and I get tired pretty easily myself... not a very good combo. I really have to find more low key ways to keep him interested. Since walking him all around the house which is his new favorite activity, is very demanding on my poor back.
Any ideas?

Christmas day at the grandparents Seth got to spend a lot of time with Abby his cousin who is 5 months older and about 5 lbs lighter, it is a pleasure picking her up. She's is also quite more mobile than he is as you can see in these photos. The age doesn't hinder them though,  they do know how to have fun together. I am glad that he has some kids to grow up with and get to play with. Soon there will be another cousin to join the fun. Yeah!

Here we are at church and we are so happy to see Laura and Emily Grace. Laura is my friend from a long time ago, I think we've known each other since we were teenagers. Laura and her family are now living in Texas and so we don't see them very much. It was great seeing Emily because the last time I saw her she was only 5 mos old and the tiniest baby I had ever seen. She is now 2 years old and weights the same as Seth does It's crazy to me how big Seth is. Emily is a doll, she is just so stinking cute. She was so sweet to Seth and even gave him a kiss but I didn't quite catch that on camera. Seth really enjoyed meeting Emily and Katelyn they kept him entertained for quite some time so that the mommies could catch up a bit.

This is my own little spin on the Christmas light photograph. Seth loved it.

Shopping at Costco during the holidays is a crazy thing to do. But when you have to you have to. Seth has the sitting in a shopping cart drill down pat. I love it, no longer do I have to have a stroller with me when I go to the store.
My boy is growing up so fast. He had so much fun staring at people especially at the food court he kept looking at one little boy in particular, he finds other kids fascinating. It's so much fun seeing the world through his eyes. We took many photos even after one lady told us that you are not aloud to take photographs in Costco. What can I say I'm a bit of a rebel! :)  Once in the car seat he was out at the click of his seat-belt, and had a good nap all the way home.

Fun times with my family. Mom fed Seth his first cream filled Puff Pastry (rulou) romo pastry... He was a big mess but he loved it. He also enjoyed a slice of a cutie with my dad.  It was nice because we got to spend some time with my sisters DeeJay and Andreia as well as my bro Dariu he was helping mom with baking. Lovely time had by all.