Seth's First Christmas!

We had a wonderful time with Seth this Christmas. First we had my family over and Seth got to open his presents.
Here's a rundown of his presents this first year..
Mommy- Learning Time Puppy and Xylophone
Daddy - foam boards with letters and numbers
Grandma & Grandpa - ride along little scooter
Uncle Cosmin - stuffed Stitch animal (from Disney's Lilo and Stitch movie)
Grandma & Grandpa C - gave him cash (which daddy took) hmm...

Commencing of the Present Opening Ceremony!

next year he won't need any help


it even says "I love you"!  so cute....

he loves this thing and he really loves to go to town on it...

ahh.... something that will definitely go into his mouth.

dad and his son with one mission...

my little cowboy!

excited about his gift from grandma and grandpa I couldn't get him to focus...

it's absolutely hilarious how excited Seth was over all his presents.

Grandpa C and Seth getting to know each other a little bit better!

3 generations

Grandma and grandpa C with Daddy and Seth! Seth is so ready for a nap...

if I would have known how much he would love the wrapping paper...


the best present ever.... Thank you God for Seth!
 It was a very full day yesterday with bedtime close to 2 am... looking forward to some much needed rest.
I love the holidays but I feel like they come and go so fast.
I hope your holidays were wonderfully blessed!