ELEVEN 12.4.1999

Today we celebrated 11 years together Chris and I. Woo-hoo! It's been a good 11 years and I hope that it's only  gonna get better from here on.
We started celebrating our anniversary yesterday. After work we left Seth with my parents and we went downtown PDX where we had reservations for the evening in deluxe accommodations at The Westin Hotel thanks to my brother Cosmin. We had a good dinner of Thai food at one of our favorite Thai places in the Pearl District and then we headed to another great restaurant for some good desert.

french macaroons with ice cream filling

hazelnut mousse torte... I didnt' think of taking the photo until after the first couple of bites... this cake was beyond good so my focus was on the explosion my taste buds were experiencing.
 After dinner we headed to our hotel. By the way The Westin was newly renovated this year and it has beautiful rooms with luxurious bedding and decor. It also has large flat screen TVs and massive bathrooms with large showers and separate bathtubs just in case anyone wants to stay there you won't be disappointed. Absolutely perfect accommodations.
After we checked in and checked out our room we got a phone call from the hotel concierge wanting to ask if they could bring up a little gift from the hotel. When it arrived both Chris and I were pleasantly surprised and touched. I had told the lady I made our reservations with that we were staying there for our 11 year anniversary. I guess they wanted to make it special for us. And they sure did.

it was just the right nightcap.
 I have to mention that we stayed on the 18th floor of a 19 story building and we were in downtown so of course the view was magnificent. I took some photos both in the evening and the morning but the morning ones turned out so much better that I won't include the others.

We decided to go ahead and ck out around 11 and head out for some good lunch! But before leaving the hotel I wanted to get some parting shots.

Chris and I in front of the Christmas tree inside the Westin Hotel.

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After lunch we headed home to pick up our little monkey Seth and then we went to coffee with my family and of course I'm gonna include some shots of my little chunky monkey.

here he is with his uncle Cosmin

I just love his little smirks he melts my heart.

it's been a wonderful weekend. I am so blessed and grateful for all the blessings I have been given. Thank you Lord.