Camera Envy

So as I've delved into the world of blogging I've noticed a growing desire to own my own dSLR Camera. Yet I am very aware that I have very little knowledge of photography. But  my passion for documenting my son's journey in life drives me towards the unknown world of the dSLR cameras..
If I could I would hire a photographer to be at my beckon call but even though I have friends who are very talented in this area I realize that everyone has their own lives to live and can't be available at the drop of a hat. Nor would I ever be the kind of person who would constantly be asking for handouts.
Therefore the only logical solution is that I get my own camera. I will need to do a lot of research on how to use one as well as get some good photography tips.
 So it only makes sense that I will most likely have a dSLR camera on my Christmas List!
Now to research. I'd like to find the right camera for my needs. I want something that is good but that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Also keeping in mind that I'll only be using it for my own artistic endeavour and not for starting a photography business of any kind. I will be looking into this but if any of you have any suggestions please feel free to forward them my way.