Thanksgiving/Black Friday roll into one!

What a holiday.... we spent it at my parents house and boy did we have a blast! My parents both cooked, in fact this is the first year my dad made the turkey and my mom was his sous chef. We (Chris, Seth and I) were the last to arrive to thanksgiving lunch & dinner. We started the holiday at around 12 -1 in the afternoon and continued into the evening. All my siblings were there which is usually the case, being that I'm the only one married and have a child and that everyone lives in town. So grateful for that! :)
There were lots of yummy foods but for the first time in a long time the turkey was my favorite. I have to say that my parents pulled off the most tasty and moist turkey of all time. Good job guys.  In my opinion my mom's stuffing recipe is the best I've ever had. In fact my in-laws who have their turkey day on Friday so that we can all get together have asked that I bring as my contribution my mom's stuffing. So last night after all the eating my mom, dad and myself started the prep work for the stuffing that I will be taking to my in-laws tonight.

We played countless games of Rummikub  until 11:30 PM. At which time Chris and I left Seth behind at my parents house and headed out to Sears to wait in line until 4 AM so that we could get a really great discounted set Washer & Dryer.
We dressed really warm (but still not warm enough) as this was our first ever Black Friday shopping experience and the temps were in the 30's.  We headed out to the Sears in Clackamas only to find a line already and gutsy me got out of the car and started asking how many people were in line for the washer and dryer. As there were already 4 people claiming the washer and dryer and the store limit was 4 for the specific W&D we were eyeing in the add. We headed NW to the Lloyd Center Sears where we found a shorter line however the first 4 people also claimed the W&D so we decided it wasn't worth staying in line. We started for home but 2 min into the drive home we realize that the add had an even better deal however these were a bit more spendy. The first option we had wanted was a set that regularly sold for 1400$ and they were selling them for 600$ however each store only got 4 sets. The other ones are larger and a little more decked out; regular price is 2400$ and the sale price was 998$. So for our time we saved 1400$. I say that was worth some pain and suffering. Especially in this economy.
So excited for next week when we will be getting our new W&D installed. I think I might even start liking doing the laundry. Nah... no chance in that! :)

 I'm also happy to report that we just sold our old washer and dryer on Craig's list. I placed them earlier today and I already had 5 people respond in less than 3 hours. Some guy is picking them up tomorrow am. It's awesome not having to take them anywhere to get rid of them. I was afraid I'd have to pay someone to dispose of them.

PS. Had a blast at the in-laws tonight, they really go all out for their Thanksgiving celebration. I mean it's a real feast at the Crisan's Thanksgiving. There are always multiple options of everything. My faves were the green beans and the cabbage salad also liked the turkey meat it was just right. The desert was amazing loved the Tiramisu and all the other options just don't remember what they were called. A picture would have been perfect here but I didn't take any. My sis in-law is the photographer maybe I can get some photos off of her.
Just put Seth to sleep and I'm ready for sleep myself.
Good night and hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Many blessings!