browsing can be fun too...

The joy of my life had a big smile for me yesterday. We went to the mall to get out of the house and to look for skinny jeans for me not Seth.  After a bit of browsing  with no luck... we (DJ, Seth and I) got some coffee and went into Macy's Furniture store and sat down on one of the most comfortable couches ever. We enjoyed people watching and of course I had to take some photos of this little angel of mine. How did I get so blessed? I am unworthy but so grateful for God's goodness. When he smiles like this I get so happy no matter the mood I'm in. He can put a smile on my face with just one little smile of his. Kids are blessings beyond compare. I confess I have been converted from being a person who didn't care too much for kids to loving them by this one little boy.

here are the rest of the photos of our little break in Macy's.

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