Food... More Food!

My son is growing up! Of course this is all part of life we can't remain as a baby forever and one of the greatest things we need to learn is how to nourish ourselves. I am a big believer in helping my child to be self sufficient not because I am too lazy or busy or whatever else excuse we could use, but because I think it is in his best interest.

Today I decided I would teach my son how to feed himself. I've been giving him solids for months now and every day he tries new stuff. One of the things I've noticed is that he does not have the dexterity to place the small Gerber's Puff Stars in his own mouth. He has tried but the small stars get lost between his little chubby fingers.
I decided to let him try with the Gerber lil' crunchies which are a little bit bigger than the stars and easier to grasp. I was at first afraid of him putting a whole piece in his mouth I didn't want him to choke. So I started out with braking them in half and placing them in his hands between his thumb and forefinger, it took some tries but he soon got the piece into his mouth. I cheered as if he had just taken his first steps.

I continued to place a small piece at a time into his hands and soon he knew exactly what to do. Chris heard me cheering Seth on and had to come out and see what was going on. He got into the cheering mode too and soon took over my role. He gave Seth the whole canister as you can see in the photos and really got Seth excited about feeding himself. Soon he was taking whole pieces out and slowly placing them in his mouth with both hands to better secure the puff in his mouth. It was adorable all three of us had a blast and Seth loved it when we cheered his every success, he was all cheesy smiles.

What a wonderful day this has been. Sometimes I feel so happy with the new things my son is doing.  Other times they just remind me that soon my little one will no longer be a baby and will be able to do everything on his own no longer needing his mom and dad.
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