7 Months Old Today!

This little angel of mine is now 7 months old. I am so grateful for the time I've had with him so far and looking forward to each moment I get to spend with him. He has truly enriched my life in so many ways that I can't begin to describe. Being a parent is such an amazing thing that it's scary to think I might have chosen not to be one. At times I think back to my time before Seth entered our world and realize that yes, it was easier but immediately after that thought comes the realization that although it is a bit harder now, life is so much fuller now that it makes it all worth it. I was telling my husband yesterday that I could probably stare at Seth for hours and not get bored, and it's true. I can't help but think of what a miracle he is, the fact that he started out as a little egg and nine months later he was a fully grown baby human being, is mind boggling. I understand the whole process, I took A& P as well as embryology and histology in college, but still the process is a miracle and it strengthens my faith in God and his plan in our lives.

What did Seth do on his 7 month b-day? Well he spent the whole day with his mom until his dad came home from work. We played with all his toys on the family room floor we tried new foods and played with the dogs. We tried crawling but still not getting off his tummy. We walked around the living room with me holding him by both hands. He loves to make steps and the faster I can go with him the happier it makes him. He spent some time in his excersaucer but that gets boring for him unless I take the time to play with him and his toys.

7 Month Milestones

Child's Age

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
Sits without support (yes)Drags objects toward himself (yes)
• Lunges forward  (yes) or starts crawling (not yet)
Jabbers or combines syllables (def. jabbers says momma but not on command)
• Starts to experience
stranger anxiety (maybe not sure yet)
• Waves goodbye (did this one time so far)
Stands while holding onto something (yes but kinda shaky)
• Bangs objects together (yes)
• Begins to understand
object permanence ( he loves to play peek-a-boo)

First Seth tried some pear juice yumm! he loved it.

when daddy had a ham sandwich Seth got to try some of the ham for the first time and he loved that too.

look at this big boy sitting up and eating honey cured ham

Over all he had a very laid back day and it was great. We didn't do anything big for his birthday we will def do something for his one year b-day but it seems a bit hard to do something every month and I guess it's not been our habit of making much of the monthly b-days. I did however bake some peanut butter cookies and he got to try those for the first time. Both Seth and I loved them. Yummy!

I'm also gonna post some photos from last night, when I spent some time with my brother and sister at a coffee shop, I dressed Seth up in a very festive outfit so don't judge but I am so looking forward to the holidays and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.  In fact this year I'm gonna have to Christmas trees. One for our front room and one for our family room. So excited about that. My husband thinks I'm nuts and is only going along with this because I asked him to humor me and not give me a hard time about it. :) He's a good guy.

check mate! (my bros. idea of a good caption)

Seth gets a lot of comments about these shoes therefore I have to clarify that they were a gift. No I have not been buying my 7 month old brand name clothes. I don't care very much about that. As long as they are cute and serve their purpose the brand doesn't matter one bit to me. But I'm also not afraid to buy brand name if the price is right... hehe  

love this one it's priceless this is his favorite thing to do when he has his shoes on

with uncle Cosmin and auntie DJ

ready to go for a walk

Seth is singing for the camera

he loves taking his shoes off so we always have to put them back on

My sister DJ and Seth

with his tusi

mommy and Seth

I know this is a bad out of focus photo but I love the fact that Seth is in tune with what I'm doing. It's adorable.
Today when I was putting him down for a nap he was a little fussy so I started singing to him which always soothes him (which is kinda funny because I can't really carry a tune) and anyway as always he calmed down and just started watching me. I loved it and I just sat down next to his swing and watched him and so he happily drifted off to sleepy-land with him watching me and me watching him. I'll never forget moments like this because they are forever burned upon my heart. I don't know how soon before he won't be satisfied with just watching his mommy.
Happy b-day my little one. I love you for always.