So today was going to be one crazy day. I started the day by attending a CPR Refresher course at STVH, then had a 6 month photo shoot planned for Seth at 3 and finally a party at a friends house at 7.  I had been wondering how Seth would do with such a busy day planned, because he was going to have to be part of  most of it, (except for the CPR class of course), when I got a call that my photographer friend had to reschedule our shoot. Of course at first I was a little bummed out but as I had not done too much prep work and didn't really know what we would do for photos, I thought hmm.. why don't I take my little point and shoot camera and take some prep photos to kinda have an idea of what I would like to use for props, outfits and so on.
  My husband got the dogs ready and we placed Seth in the little Radio Flyer and off we went around the neighborhood. I placed a blanket under him and he really enjoyed the ride in the wagon, it's a bit more bumpy then his stroller. Now I'm no photographer, I love taking photos but I don't really have any skill, however with my subject being Seth I figured I would get some good shots. I am excited to post some of them for you to ck out.
   I'm still going to go to the party tonight but now I no longer have to head over right after the photo shoot therefore Seth will be staying home with his dad and I will get a girls night out with my dh (dental hygiene) girls. These are the same girls I graduated from the program with, boy are they are a fun bunch of girls! We have been through a lot together and even though school is very much over we still try to meet up every month or so. Every time we meet it's like we pick up from where we left off the last time we were together. I love our times together and I'm really looking forward to tonight. I'm planning to take my camera and document part of the evening for my blog tomorrow.
   Ok back to my little guy... he is still dealing with a cold and has a stuffy nose, this is day three for him.  Oh boy does he hate the nasal aspirator, but then most babies do. Yesterday his dad went by Costco and got him a humidifier and also stopped by the pharmacy and picked up vapor-rub for babies.  He absolutely loves the vapor rub, every time I apply it he goes into a fit of giggles. I don't think there is a person out there whose heart doesn't melt when they hear a little baby giggling, it is truly contagious, I always end up joining him.
I'm praying that he beats this bug really soon because I can tell that all thought he's a tough little guy, it's getting to him. Ok gotta go he just woke up from his nap and it's play time for baby and mommy.