Elise Bianca- One week old

So today I did a photo shoot for my new niece Elise Bianca. It was my first one other than photos I've done of Seth. I took it very seriously of course and throughout the week did my research: I went out and bought a bunch of different blankets, materials, baskets and throw pillows. I searched the web for Ideas, made a list of shots I wanted to have done. I also consulted with Laura (the mom) about having the room heated to above 80 degrees and other little tidbits. 
Then early today I met with my niece...
Oh my goodness… it was probably the most challenging thing I've done in some time. First of all we had the room heated at 90 degrees and I realized that I don't like heat at least at that temperature for very long. On the plus side the baby did awesome she was awake most of the time and fussed very little. We did have a few pee and spit-ups along the way but we were prepared for those. Looking back there are a few things that I would change and shots that I didn't get done because of time and circumstances. I was limited to the room with the best lighting as I used only natural light, this really limited me in regard to how wide I could shoot and how much of the background I would even want in the photos. However I learned a lot from today and I think next time I will do a little bit better.
I'm going to share some of the collages I've made from some of the photos on here. Remember when critiquing that it was my first one and I'm still learning… in other words be kind. ;)