Thank You Jill

So excited to report that Jill over at Forever n Ever n Always Photography has honored Seth and I with a gift.
I am so excited, I had signed up for the give-a-way but didn't really have too much hope about winning. I just don't usually win. I am  not saying I am a looser :) lol... just didn't expect it, that is all.
So I am looking forward to Seth and I enjoying these DVDs together.

I absolutely love Jill's blog, she is an example in word and deed. I pray that God will bless her and her family and continue to use her to bless us here in blog world with the wisdom that she posts on a regular basis.
I truly look forward to each of her posts, for me it's almost like doing my daily devotional when I read her blog. By the way Jill that is an idea... you should author a daily devotional -that is if you don't already do that. :) Jill's blog has inspired me to focus more on making the word of God the center of my life.
Thanks for everything Jill.