Wonderfully Crazy Day

So in preparation for our upcoming vacation I had a lot on my to do list today... Did I accomplish it all? Nope but I did get a lot done that I didn't even know should have been on my list :). Isn't that always the case.
 I got some shopping in which was fun. Got my hubby some shorts for real cheap, I just figured something out... if you're taking tropical vacations in the winter you can buy really cheap summer clothes. That is if there are any left on the racks. No more bathing suits left and the stores that do still have them, charge an arm and a leg. Oh well the old ones will have to do for me. :)

One thing I didn't really know is that they recommend that you change out the baby bottle nipples every 2 mos. Oops! Today I spent a lot of money getting Seth all new ones and new pacifiers and some clothes. wow... don't let me loose in a baby store. I told myself that I would just go grab the bottle nipples and get back out of the store... Yeah right... 90$ later I was out of the store. So far no grief from the husband ;) Yeah!

One thing that happened today with Seth that was really cool is that he started eating those little Gerber Star Puffs. About a month or so ago I tried giving him one and he choke on it I had to tap him on the back pretty hard to get it out. I was nervous today but he has been eating solids regularly now for a while and he has the chewing technique down pretty good. He loved them and I even though him how to put them in his own mouth... his dexterity is minimal but hey he'll get there before I know it.

he's so concentrated on that little star

 I still remember the day when I first noticed him holding something in his hands. We were at my mom for Sunday lunch and my mom was feeding him some milk she gave him the little baby cloth she had and he held it. I was amazed... now he's holding his own bottle and feeding himself. Crazy!!!

So I was in Gymboree and on their sales rack they had a baby monkey costume  exactly Seth's size for 6$. Since we don't really celebrate Halloween I hadn't done anything in preparation for it. This gave me a thought I bought the outfit and I was going to make my way to a popular spot in downtown PDX for some high grasses to take photos. Well of course it didn't happen because Seth had started crying and we got stuck in 4 pm rush hour. I was bummed but as I was making my way home I remembered my husband telling me about this little pumpkin patch near by our house and it was on my way home. So I made my way there. I can't even believe I was able to get these photos in but I am so happy. So today Seth and I had our first trip to the pumpkin patch. So many firsts all in one day. Awesome day!

my little monkey on his belly

a little bit of pumpkin spice

my little flower boy

hay hay!!!


hi there!

me and my boy...

So after we came home I dressed Seth up in this cute Halloween pajama set I got him It's so cute and it glows in the dark...

the top has a skull that is made up of lots of little bats. the bottoms are scattered with white bats all over. love the white on black on him.

Ok now I'm going to include some photos of Seth with his dad from last night... They are too sweet Chris got home from his tennis match and was playing with Seth and they were being so sweet that I had to capture them.