Departure Day...

Here he is my little man... this was this morning on our way to the airport.

This is the sweetness I had to say goodbye to for a week. :( It is now more than 12 hours since our teary goodbye at the airport (ok my teary goodbye) and we just had a 10 minute skype video chat with grandma, grandpa and Seth. I've never experienced this emotional need to hold someone so bad like I do with my little guy. Although I get to see him over video chat it's not enough and I want to hold him and kiss him and just be near him.
It's a very consuming emotional strain, being apart from my 6 month old. I am trying to talk myself into not feeling down, but every other minute my mind goes to my son and what he might be doing now. I honestly can't imagine how parents deal with the death of their children, when I am struggling with a week's separation from my son. And I know that he is with people who love him very much and are taking extremely good care of him.
I promise this much I will try my hardest to think only happy thoughts and really take this time to enjoy being with my husband on a tropical vacation. I will try not to cry every time I get on skype and then have to click the disconnection button at the end of our chat. I will give it my all! He is in my prayers constantly. My prayer is that God protect him, keep him safe and healthy and happy while we are apart from each other and that we will be reunited in a few days again. Then all will be well with the world again. :)
I love you Seth, you are the joy of my life. Muah from momma!