week 4 in iPhone photos...

what a great week we had. so many wonderful photos to choose from. 

1. for some reason this is the 2nd week i've included fotos from my Costco trip. seems i really like the shots along the way or they have a certain story to tell.

2. en route to Costco i witnessed a pretty bad mvc -truck up a tree with police and fireman on the scene it was pretty scary to behold. almost got myself in trouble for snapping these shots.  the pic in the bottom right is evidence of my costco purchase sent to hubby. i seem to always spend a lot of money at costco and then don't remember on what. ;)

1. here we are not leaving the house… it's just too cold. Seth having fun coloring on the big pad of paper. Luke hanging on to his bottle for dear life. from the angle looks like the bottle is as big as his head.. and another shot of Luke all bundled up.

2. had no clue it was snowing but Seth kept calling mommy mommy… he was at the front window so i finally went to see what the deal was and to my surprise it was snowing. Chris rushed him out to catch some snow flakes and then when they came in Seth wouldn't stop crying to go back out. We bundled up and out we went. Some of these shots are absolutely gorgeous and i can't believe i took this one right below with my iphone. (bottom right photo) i love it. I love how Chris looks like it's bellow zero out yet Seth could care less he is having so much fun.

3.  ok this is our 3rd trip out that very night… after coming back in for the 2nd time we could not get Seth to settle down and realizing that this would most likely be the only snowfall we will see this year I decided to head back out. oh man we had even more fun. neighbor kids had made a snowman so Seth got to go ck it out. The snow had been falling even more so the street lights were reflecting off the white snow giving me really good light to photograph so I kept clickin' away as i was following my little buddy around the neighborhood.

here is my little cutie pie Luke giving me a little collection of smiles. love him so.

little did I know that the play time in the snow and possibly the neighbor kids might have shared their germs with my little man. He got sick the very next day and it infected all of us. Today we are all sick (1.23.12) fun times in the family. thank the Lord it's just a head cold congestion and very light coughing. hope we all feel better soon.

today this is all i got. i ended up going with Chris to his tournament and took 500 photos of him playing tennis with my DSLR but none with my phone. so this is all i gots. a 5 am edited photo of myself. new phone app.

1. hubby is back at his tournament and i'm home with the kids. Seth and I had a bit of fun with the Jelly Belly candies. We would pick out one at a time and try to figure out what flavor it was based on the key on the jar. Seth loved it and now asks for this little game every day. I've had to hide them. :) What have I started!!!

2. something i do when i'm a bit busy is hand seth over to yoda and sunny they are great babysitters and he has a blast chasing them around the nook table.

hubby continued his tournament (day 3) so i provided seth with a big diaper box to put all his balls in and instead he decided it would be more fun for him to lay down inside of the box, too cute. Also I tried to get some good clear shots of luke with the phone camera and although i love them (it's my Lukie after all) i wish they were even more crisp so that his eyes would be more vivid. He has these really cool dark blue/gray eyes and I wanted to capture that color. I guess that is asking too much out of an iPhone.

ohh… today, what a day. Started out by dropping Seth at grandma's and taking Luke to his 2 month appt. where he got a bunch of vaccines. Poor baby, he wailed and wailed and I wanted to join him. I happened to glance down when one vaccine was going in and i swear the med. asst. stuck half the needle in his sweet little thigh. I cringe just thinking about it again. I tried the car seat adapter on my stroller for the 1st time. I have a bassinet and have loved using that but today I thought hmm, the less movement post vaccines the better for Luke. I have to say it was very convenient, especially since I was also not having to take care of two kids. I stopped by the store and picked a little book that has short inspirational stories from couples that have been married for over 50 years. Chris and I are wanting to do some short quality times every evening to help build our marriage up. thought this would be a good thing to read. so we're sitting in the living room when seth says he has to go "caca" so I take him and put him on his potty, then pointing at the magazine shelf he asks for a book. I give him one of Chris' tennis magazines and Seth proceeds to look through it as he is sitting on the potty. There was no "caca" but it was sure funny to look at.  the shot in the BR is of luke caption reads 10.2 pounds and no longer fitting in NB size pj's doc. says he looks absolutely perfect. he is at 25% for head circumference and weight but in the 60% for height. I seem to remember Seth was pretty much the same except maybe he was a bit chubbier .