1st time alone w/ da'boyz!!!

since luke was born i've had hubby with me almost on a daily basis,
this week marks the beginning of his return to work, eek!
the night before his first day i was dealing with major depression, could not fall asleep till 2 am.
today i ventured out for the first time just me and the two of them no De'j to help out, she started school again. 
we went out to Jamison square park. i wanted to ck out a couple of children's boutiques, one is going out of business and I wanted to see if there were any  good discounts to be had. 
 i  was hoping to get one of those sleek high chairs for really cheap. 
they were not open. no deals to be had. their hours were 11-4 I was there between 11-12 they never opened. i'm thinking that might be why they are not doing so well. being open during the hours posted on your door is important for business. ;)
so we took photos until i realized i forgot to pack the baby's formula.
first time since i started baby on formula that brought it home why it would be much easier if i  would have had his milk on tap…. ;)
i packed the bottles but the formula was left out on the counter. 
since Luke is on a prescription formula it was not easily replace. so home we went, before we were ready to end the day.
this makes me realize that had hubby been with, formula for sure would have been packed.
it's just that i was a bit frazzled this morning getting both boys ready, bags ready, camera ready, myself ready and all of us out the door.
next time we definitely will have all the things needed to get going.



ok so this may work or it may not… but i attempted to take Luke's 1 month shot with 4 different animals at Posh Baby boutique. I don't know why I did this but the thought came to me on the spur of the moment in the store… haha, does that mean that now every month I'm gonna have to go there and repeat at least one of these shots? ugh I hope not, I need to find an animal I like from these four and continue somewhere else. 
i hope they have at least one of these animals and this white leather rocking chair.
curious do you have a favorite animal?

 My attempt to take a photo with Seth and Luke… this is classic don't you think? they are not even old enough not to get along but look at them you would think that both are screaming "MOM HE'S TOUCHING ME, TELL HIM TO STOP TOUCHING ME!!!"