my lill' loves collage

my hubby surprised me with a new iPhone for our 12 year anniversary…
he knows how much i love technology and almost anything apple makes.
since having this new phone with a much better camera (still and video) i've been taking more of both.
today I got a new photo editing app and playing around with it I created a little collage of my little loves.

-Luke awake for once… as most of the time he can be found snoozing away. i can't thank the Lord enough for the blessing of this little sweetheart. He is adjusting to his environment so nicely and is making my life really easy. I have no idea how i would handle a really colicky baby especially with Seth being so young still and demanding so much of our time.

-Seth rocking away on his little horsy... we have a little tune we sing when he is on the horse and if we don't sing it he says "mami,  Horsy horsy horsy. So we start chanting our little tune and he rocks as hard as he can, he can catch some great speed.

-last but not least our first babies Yoda and Suny, they joined our family aprox. 5 years before we started having kids. We love them so dearly and we are saddened that we don't spend as much time with them as we used to. There was a time when they had free range of the house, they slept on our laps during the day and had the couches to themselves at night. Now they are relegated to one room in the house and are no longer allowed on the furniture. :( 
we have to do what we have to do, they shed so much, keeping the house clean is difficult enough with the kids but add dog hair to the mix and i'd be one crazy momma. ;)

I am looking forward to when the kids are a bit older and they will hopefully give their dogs all the love and attention they deserve and we will hopefully capture as much of it as we can on camera.