Luke Mason -- mini photo shoot

 Luke is 6 days old.
growing and developing a little each day
and before he gets too big to miss the new born stage 
I wanted to get some cute shots of him in his birthday suit.

Today was the perfect day for that, we had no big plans and while my firstborn took his afternoon nap and my husband hit the gym for a tennis game, I took out my camera and set up the front room for a impromptu photo shoot of mr. Luke.

He did really great and in an hour I got some great little shots of him. I so wish I had done this of Seth when he was only 6 days old, but unfortunately I didn't have the same energy I have now. The 2nd time around labor and delivery and even the recovery have been much easier for me. But also I didn't have the camera I have now and the photos I snapped with my point and shoot will have to do. 

one thing I would have done differently would be that I would have liked to have an assistant to help me with set up, that way we could have gotten a lot more poses in the same amount of time. It was difficult because he had to eat and have a diaper change in the middle of the shoot and so on. 
 without further ado here they are: