Ramblings of all sorts...

Oh my goodness we are set we have booked our first Maui trip… ok let me clarify this, we have the place we are staying at booked. So since that is non-refundable now we are just waiting on our Kayak alerts to hopefully get some great deals on flights to Maui. It's in exactly two months… oh my goodness I can't wait.  
So I had planed that I would be working really hard to lose some weight I never got to my goal after Seth which is about 15 pounds (actually to be truthful I'd say 20-25 pounds would be my ultimate ideal goal)less than where I am now. Haha!!1
 So the day after booking the trip which was last Tuesday I found out I am pregnant. YES!!! I am pregnant and Seth is 2 weeks away from being ONE. wow… I can't even believe it but when the nausea and the sleepiness hit
] me it makes it that much more real. I had forgotten how it feels but boy does it come back to you really quickly. Anyway now I'm just hoping not to gain 15 pounds before our Maui trip ;)…

So about the pregnancy...we weren't necessarily trying and we weren't not trying ;). Since it took us 5 years to finally have Seth we decided that we would like to try and get pregnant by this August so we started late February just to hopefully have it happen by August. Well little did we know that for this once it would be no problem and the first time was gonna be it. That has not been the norm for us so I'm gonna take it. We are both excited and prayerful for a very healthy pregnancy. If I am counting right it looks like I will be due last week in November. Ok so we are totally hoping for a girl, I know it will probably be a boy but how fun would it be to have one of each, especially since Chris is set that two kids is all he wants, and that is true for him even if we have another boy. 
I wouldn't mind having a boy though how fun would it be for Seth growing up to have a brother so close in age… I was teasing Chris the other day because he is an avid tennis player and he has these dreams of Seth someday going Pro, anyway I was saying that it would be a bit funny if we had a girl and if Seth could care less about tennis but our daughter would take to it really well. He looks at me and says "I don't discriminate, I'll take what I can get". Oh I was roaring, I guess you had to be there. But this hubby of mine loves tennis so much he really hopes to impart some of his knowledge and passion for tennis. I'm afraid however that Seth will be more of a techie then a tennis pro, hehe he loves any laptop phone or other piece of technology he comes across.
Well that's all for now I gotta get back to my research for the birthday party we are having for Seth in a couple of weeks.  eek it's coming up so fast!!!