Rest in Him

As I am in search for a job and finding difficulties along the way I feel that I need to remind myself of this again and again as I try to take on the worries that occasionally like to haunt me and bring me down.
I know that God is in control and that he will provide for us in every season of our lives and I know that in times where things seem uncertain he is there to carry us to provide for our needs and to bring us to a deeper dependance on him. He reminds me that I can always rely on him even if I sometimes think that I don't deserve it. This after all is not about me but about him. He is God, He is great, He is merciful. He does not give to his children what they deserve but in love gives us above and beyond what we may even need. 
It is in the end always for His glory that I want to live and I pray that he will make His will happen in my life in just the way He knows best.

This photo was taken in Santa Monica CA. 3/23/11