Hello - Goodbye... Weekend!

What a crazy weekend it has been, I hardly know where to start, I feel like I haven't bee blogging really just doing little snippets of something here and there so that I can say I did something.

Friday night we had a meeting with our YMCFG I'm not gonna explain it but it's a bible study group. Initially we were going to host but it was taken by another couple so that made it straight forward for us... we just had to show up. It was a blast every time we get together with this group it's so much fun almost everyone has kids and they are all very young so it kinda' turns into a play date for both the kids and the adults.

Seth got a lot of attention and he had a blast, he got very vocal at the end it was adorable. Up until this last month he hasn't been doing a lot of talking but now oh wow... he is so talkative. I find myself just watching and listening because I try to figure out what he is trying to tell me. Most of the time he is just being animated by whatever toy he is playing with or whatever he is observing in that moment. Regardless it is so precious I need to post some videos.

he got a lot of attention from everyone... he really loves people a lot.

Seth was mesmerized by the guitar it was awesome.

Saturday was a packed to the max kind of day... We started out by going to Pro Photo Supply and finally buying the 50 mm lens I've been researching for the last 3 weeks, then we took it to the playground at Washington Park in NW Portland. We did a mini photo shoot. My sister DeeJay got a quick lesson on how to focus the camera and she took a few cute shots of the three of us. After I took some photos of her and Seth and Seth and Chris we headed home because we were nice and chilled off since the sun was out but not in full swing. (2 family photos in header and a few DeeJay photos here).

In the evening I had my first (away) Cookie Lee Party. It was hosted by my good friend Crystal. There were lots of treats in the form of good food and drinks as well as pretty jewelry. This was a double party as it consisted of both Cookie Lee and Lia Sophia Jewelry. There was a little bit of something for all. Thank you so much Crystal for hosting, you truly are a perfect hostess, much love.
Krista & Crystal

how cute is this...

Krista, Rose and Kelsey

lovely Rose

 As I was gone from 4 to 11 Saturday, Seth got a lot of one on one with daddy or so I thought.... I came home to find out that he spent a lot of time with grandma and grandpa because Chris had to help my dad install a new stove top. Seth got a bath at grandmas that I had no clue about so this morning he took another. Oh well bath time is one of his favorite times see photos here. Needless to say there are lots of photos from this weekend, of which I will post a few. 

I am glad to say that the week ahead is looking nice and calm with 3 days of work but they are all half days, therefore I won't be away from Seth too long and I will hopefully get some chores done too. :)