My little tyke and I had the day together no work for mommy today. We took a quick shower and did a little trim on Seth's hair early in the morning.Then we had a liquid breakfast both of us... and got ready to go do our errands. We had a long list but really only got a few of them done. That way we got back home before rush hour. Seth fell asleep on the car ride home and continued his nap after I delivered him to his swing. While he slept I started some chores around the house... Yeah for nap time mommy got a lot done.

Play time: Seth woke up with a big smile on his face so it was time to end my chores and start play time. We have a routine and it seems to always start with belly time. Of course I took some cute photos.

Someone got a little tired of all the horsing around and decided he was hungry, he always lets me know by chewing on his fingers and getting just a bit whinny. I picked him up and he helped me make his bottle.  When I laid him down and gave him the bottle he knew just what to do. It was so cute. I just thought him this a few days ago and he is getting better and better at it. I think I have a soon to be very independent child on my hands. ;)

haha momma got a photo in with Seth. I was actually trying for a kissy one but he was not having any of it. I just realized that it has been a very long time since the three of us have had a photo together. I gotta get one of those before our vacation.

Ok now it's time to get back to my chores.... hehe never ending chores.
Gotta love being a mommy!