Seth on sleeping through the night...

So I was supper excited last Monday morning when I had experienced my first night of Seth sleeping through the night. It has been a week now and he has done pretty well. He had a couple of nights when I had to go in and put his binky in more than one time but last night was a surprise. I had given him more solids during the day and I was hoping to get a good night rest out of him, I knew I would be working in the morning. The opposite happened. He woke up 4 times for his binky and I fed him at 4:30 when the binky thing stopped working.
Don't get me wrong I really don't get mad or upset having to get up for him. It is a pleasure for me to spend time with my son even in the middle of the night. Truly!!! But I was hoping that the feeding in the middle of the night (or early morning as it were) was long over.
On the positive side;  I now know he can do it and I just have to help him on his way. It's ok that he has a few lapses along the way because he is just 6 months old after all. I had a patient in my chair today and he was telling me his grandson who he watches is 9 months old and still wakes up every 1-4 hours sometimes even after 1/2 an hour. Now that would be very difficult. I can feel relatively proud of Seth's success in this area so far.
I am a bit nervous because he will be spending 10 days and nights with grandma and grandpa (my parents) while Chris and I are going on a Caribbean Vacation. I am hoping he will do very well for my mom and that he will sleep through the night. But I'm not sure how the new surroundings will affect him.
Yes we are going on vacation with out him. It was not planned that way, we had him booked on our trip with us, but since the original booking of the trip after much research into what it means to travel with a 6 month old,  my husband has been working on me to get me to go without Seth. I did finally give in and yes I am actually looking forward to the time off from mommy duty. I have to share that my heart is literally divided in two about the whole thing. I know I will miss him terribly and the only way Chris was able to convince me to go without him was with WIFI.  He looked into it and told me that we can skype on our trip, he plans on buying a WIFI package for the whole 10 days and I will be able to skype with Seth and my mom on a daily basis. Yeah!!!

here are some photos from my playtime with Seth today: we did tummy time, we practiced walking (making steps) and twirlling in the air (he loves this he giggles every time) and much more.

tummy time

sitting up with no help

mommy and Seth after tummy time

someone loves pulling hair very much

upside down fun

upside down and still finds my hair to pull on it