The Lake House

Fishhawk Lake

Bobi and Seth b&w

up up and away

Chester and Seth
T. Isaacson

Fishhawk Lake

Oh the peace found at the lake.  There is a small little house on this lake that will forever be imprinted upon my heart. It's not fancy and new in fact, it smells a little bit like an old book that's been stuck on a shelf for ages and when you open it you get that indescribable whiff. I love it, just the thought takes me back to many weekends spent there with family and friends. Recently we were able to go back and take Seth, it was his first visit there and my friend who's a talented photographer documented it for us.
It was the first weekend in October and although fall in the NW will most likely be accompanied by rain this weekend it was not the case. The sun shone all three days and for the most part there was not a cloud in the sky. In fact on the second day we were able to lounge out on the dock and catch some good rays and vit. D.
The first day at the lake we spent exploring the house, cooking yummy foods, watching Friends and Seinfeld on DVD and ending the evening with a long game of Spades (which I learned to play for the first time that weekend). It could not have been more perfect.
Day two dawned with bright sunshine and blue skies perfect for spending outdoors. Seeing the beautiful weather we decided to take a nice long walk around the lake and explore. We put Seth in his jogger stroller and off we went.
The amazing thing about this lake is the wonderful people that live on it, all along our walk we were greeted with warm hellos and friendly waves.  One cute older gentleman who crossed our path stopped to inform us that he was the traffic police and we were in trouble because the speed was 10 MPH and most people walked at a rate of 11 MPH, he got a chuckle out of all of us.
As we continued on our trek around the lake laughing and chatting, we were interrupted by the voice of a gardener hard at work in his little garden, he was curious if we had solved the worlds problems yet. We had a good laugh over that but continued on, not willing to take the world's problems under our care. The whole trip took about 40 minutes if not more, we were not trying to get our exercises on this walk, it was more about exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenic environment.
When we got back our husbands decided that they needed to build up a sweat so they headed for the tennis courts where they spent a good 2.5 hours. During this time Seth and I took a long nap while Tabi caught up on some reading and photography. Once the guys returned we decided that we would take the row boat out on the lake and got a tour of the lake and all the beautiful properties lining it's shores. We returned back to our little house just as the sun was setting. Just before dinner we had a visitor, the next door neighbors dog stopped by for another game of fetch.  Reid found him a nice big log to toss and Chester (the dog) kept us busy for quite some time. 
Tab and I decided that this would be the perfect time to take a brake and have a little girl time in the newly renovated sauna. That was very therapeutic for the both of us. Afterwards we finished the evening with a couple more games of Spades, which has now become my favorite card game. First we had a very competitive game of couple vs couple and then boys against girls. It got pretty heated there for a little while but all in good fun. Before heading off to bed we decided to lounge and watch a couple episodes of Friends and Seinfeld. 
The next morning was Sunday the day we'd be saying goodbye to our little lake house. We took our time though, had some good breakfast and did a little photo shoot out on the dock, Tabi our very capable photographer and the subjects were for the most part Seth and myself.  Once we got the house back into tip top shape turned off all the lights and locked the house down we headed out. Stopping for a quick leg stretcher in Vernonia, a quaint little town where we grabbed a good cup o'jo for the road, (we had to end the trip just as we began it). :)
Thanks Cosmin for getting the lake house for us and I am looking forward to the next visit out to Fishhawk Lake.